Kids for Peace

Our Mission: Walk to School!

What kind of town to do we want Santa Barbara to be?   We want Santa Barbara to be the kind of town where children come first!  We believe every child should be able to walk to school in his or her own neighborhood.   

A functional system of neighborhood schools has the following benefits:

  • Environmental benefits:  Reduces traffic and carbon footprint

  • Mental health benefits:  Secure sense of neighborhood and belonging for child

  • Fitness benefits:  Walking to school !

  • Community benefits:  Promotes bonds of community between neighborhood residents of all ages

  • Family benefits:  Promotes parental participation at the school campus close to home

  • Financial benefits:  Reduces transportation costs

  • Public safety benefits:  School buildings are essential infrastructure in case of natural disaster

In a downtown area, neighborhood schools promote diversity and inclusion, as students interact with other students from different cultures.  The mission of Coalition for Neighborhood Schools is to promote the reestablishment of Santa Barbara's historic downtown elementary schools.

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