13 Neighborhood

Elementary Schools - 1972

When Santa Barbara schools were designed and built in the 1920's, our school leaders sensibly designed a walkable system of neighborhood schools. Every child could walk six and a half blocks to reach his or her neighborhood school. This is our fight. This is what we stand for. Thirteen neighborhood schools. Each twelve blocks away from the next one. We're not going to stop until we get back to this!  We are committed to advocate until we have all our historic elementary schools restored to their respective neighborhoods. 


1: Peabody School: 3018 Calle Noguera

2: Roosevelt School: 1990 Laguna Street

3: Jefferson School: 1321 Alameda Padre Serra 

  • SOLD: now it is a private school  (SB Middle School)

4: Franklin School: 1111 E. Mason Street

5: Cleveland School: 123 Alameda Padre Serra

6: Adams School: 2701 Las Positas 

7: Garfield School: 310 West Padre Street

  • SOLD to SBCC, an adult education center

8: Wilson School: 423 W. Victoria Street 

  • SOLD to City of SB, now low income housing and community center

9: Lincoln School: 119 E. Cota

  • SOLD to City of SB: Proposed Police Station

10: Harding School: 1625 Robbins Street

11: McKinley School: 350 Loma Alta Drive

12: Washington School: 290 Lighthouse Road

13: Monroe School: 431 Flora Vista Drive

It is truly a disgrace and an insult to our community that our beautiful, historic, public elementary school facilities, built with property tax dollars and civic vision, are being used for private education for a privileged group, and adult education classes, or for that matter, for any purpose other than educating children in public elementary schools in their neighborhoods. We want these facilities back.  It is the right and good thing to do.   We believe that taxpayers will gladly pay the market rate to bring these schools back to our community, where they belong. Children come first.