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Here is a list of articles published in the Santa Barbara News Press, covering our CNS forums, issues of downtown schools and downtown housing, as well as local Charter / Magnet School Proposals in recent years. 

Unfortunately, at this time, due to the News Press filing for bankruptcy in June, 2023, the SBNP archive, is not currently accessible online to the public.  Check with the Santa Barbara Public Library for SBNP archives held in their library collections. 

Downtown Housing and Downtown Schools 

  • Santa Barbara News Press 8/16/2020, 

       Santa Barbara Needs Meaningful Reform  

       Alice P. Post  (Opinion)   


  • Santa Barbara News Press 2/28/2021
    Downtown Santa Barbara announces community awards
    Mitchell White                                                                                             


Charter / Magnet School Proposals


COVID Crisis:  Community Learning Centers, Summer School


Election 2020 and CNS Candidates Forum

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